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Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Deepweb Systems Division was established to research and develop modern day solutions to move operations from manual to digital in terms of operations, payments, accounting and many more operations. It is in this line that the Team developed the M-POS Software solution to bridge the gap between manual and digital without necessarily having to bring the whole digital environment to the field.
M-POS puts together a smart working environment that is simple to use, operate, manage and maintain while achieving numerous capabilities in the same process.
M-POS focuses on manufacturing, distribution and operation, in order to deliver top quality, highly secure and reliable point of sale solutions and mobile-commerce products to the industries in local and worldwide markets. Under the most competitive price available, M-POS aims to deliver world class products with unbeatable levels of service to improve service delivery, as well as generate new sources of revenue for our customers.

Benefits of Deep Web Solutions' Mobile Point Of Sale Solution:-
                     -Access Production data at the click of a button
                     -Reduction of operational work
                     -Reduction of paper work "move from a manual to paperless environment"
                     -Ability to decentralize production functions
                     -High Integration possibilities
                     -Dedicated support services
                     -Ultimate flexibility
                     -Fast implementation process
                     -Centralized monitoring
                     -Built in flexibility
                     -Dynamism for data capturing
                     -Highest Integrity and scalability
                     -High security of confidential information
                     -Streamlined operations
                     -Improves workforce satisfaction


Deep Web Solutions Limited SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE DIVISION focuses on offering Complete Short Code Messaging Solutions right from Acquisition of Short codes, to complete Development Integration and Customization of services on the short codes.
We offer services on Short codes which are as follows:
                                                  -FEEDBACK SERVICES ON SMS
                                                  -SUPPORT SERVICES ON SMS
                                                  -BULK SMS SERVICES
                                                  -BILL PAYMENTS THROUGH SMS
Our Team works hand in hand with clients ensuring that all needs are met. From simple services on SMS to complex algorithms on SMS, our team comfortably handles to the satisfaction of the Clients.


Deep Web Solutions Bulk SMS System has the following Features:
                -One price based routing system.
                -Send text, unicode and flash messages from PC to mobile numbers.
                -Facility to send SMS using multi-language characters (using Unicode messages)
                -Fast Delivery.
                -Reports for viewing detailed information of sent SMS.
                -Daily Reports to email every day.
                -Unlimited storage of contact numbers in Groups and Distribution lists.
                -Accurate Daily Report.
                -User friendly interface, does not require any prior knowledge to use.
                -Affordable setup plan.
                -Affordable SMS cost.
                -Online Address book.
                -Time scheduling for sending SMS.

Ideal for:
                -Business to clients communication
                -Primary Schools
                -Secondary Schools
                -Micro-finance Institutions
                -Financial Institutions


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