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Deep Web Solutions Limited - The Company

Deep Web Solutions Limited is an Information Technology company, founded in 2008. The Company has developed and thrived successfully by aligning itself precisely with the evolving needs of its customers, thus the motto bringing IT solutions to your end.
Deep Web Solutions develops management information systems, designs and hosts websites to industry Best Practice Guidelines in usability, accessibility, security and produces programming code to meet the highest standards. We always have the edge over our competitors in that our work is specific to the last detail and is bent on achieving the highest standards of all works undertaken.
We are recognized as an innovative system development and web design company, with a growing and dynamic team of diversely-talented and specialized developers, programmers and marketers having created a matrix of skills and expertise. In our pursuit for excellence, we are tirelessly taking our course in strategizing the perfect solutions to suite the market needs. Deep Web Solutions has five major divisions:

i. Deepweb Systems Division

Our systems division handles:
- All aspects of system development and implementation.

ii. Deepweb RED_ALERT Division

Our RED_ALERT division handles
- All aspects of SMS System development
- Short codes Acquisition
- Short codes Programming
- Short codes Management

iii. Deepweb Hosting Division

Deep Web Solutions Hosting division handles all aspects of website hosting, website design, development and maintenance.

iv. Deepweb Security Division

Our Security division team handles and implements all security details of all our Systems, hosting systems, SMS Systems and Network Security.

v. Deepweb Networks Division

Deep Web Solutions Networks division handles all aspects of Networking from implementation of small office networks, organizational networks, virtual private networks, wireless networks, networking of buildings all through to full commissioning of Networks. With these Divisions in Deep Web Solutions, our teams of professionals work on specific fields towards perfection to the success of Solutions offered to clients.


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